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Becoming a Better Athletic Director Starts Right Here.

Grit Leadership specializes in mid-season student check-ins and coach evaluation software that helps athletic directors and coaches become better leaders.

Use our tool to hold effective one-on-one meetings, get honest feedback, share progress, and start building gritty, more resilient student athletes.

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“You do not rise to the level of your goals, you sink to the level of your systems.”
James Clear, Atomic Habits

Are you confident that your coach evaluation system and athletic culture are as good as they can be?

Grit Leadership gives you…

Evaluation Tools for 1-on-1 meetings, mid-season student check-ins, feedback and program building

Learning Center with resources on how to develop a growth mindset in ourselves and others.

Custom Training for your staff, your team, and your athletic community.

How Grit Leadership Works


  • One-on-One Meeting Tools
  • Customizable school webpage for student check-ins and coaching evaluations
  • Unlimited storage for coach evaluations
  • 360° surveys sent to parents, players, and coaches
  • Automatic quantitative and qualitative data collection with editing ability
  • Final survey printouts and storage
  • Personal consultation on best practices for delivering, digesting, and using surveys in your community

Learning Center

This is a self-service coaching and leadership development feature, built to make improvement directly accessible to your coaches and to your athletic community.

  • Coaching enhancement. Articles, videos, podcasts, posts, and strategies that can be sent  directly to coaches to help them improve, today.
  • Live workshop sessions. Live masterclass sessions and recordings on grit leadership led by our founder Kevin Broene.
  • Leadership Development. Access to leadership development for coaches and athletic directorswebpage with articles, videos, and links to more resources to improve your understanding of grit, growth mindset, leadership, and resilience.


  • Online or in person leadership development. We can visit your school in person or virtually, to get your leaders on the same page with the baseline knowledge, common language, and coaching workshops
  • Parent seminars. Educating our parent leaders in best practices for grit development is a huge step in changing the culture within your community.
  • Student mindset trainings. Whether providing student lessons that coaches and athletic directors can use or doing large group trainings, we provide materials that help your students learn what it takes to be gritty and resilient.

Take the Grit Leadership Self-Assessment and get a FREE review of your results with Kevin Broene.


Want to Learn More?

We’d love to learn more about your athletics program and discuss how Grit Leadership might be a good fit for your athletic department. Don’t hesitate to reach out for additional information or to secure a risk-free trial for your school.