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Coach Evaluation Software

$ 850

Per Year

                   STARTER PLAN
           Player & Coach Surveys

     $850 = 2-15 Teams ($71/mo)
     $1100 = 16-39 Teams ($91/mo)
     $1350 = 40+ Teams ($111/mo)

*Unlimited Coaches & Surveys
Add as many coaches as you want to the system and gather data with as many surveys as you can manage! Use the online filing cabinet and data summary center to store and review as much data over time for each coach as you can handle.

*Add Program Enhancements
Want to get the most out of the Grit Leadership platform? check out the list of program enhancements that will truly build your athletic community stronger than it has ever been.

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Culture & Coach Training

$ 4,000

Per Year

Grit Leadership will partner with you on a deeper level to build an improved athletic culture within your school community.

From in-person professional development for your coaches, to designing a scope & sequence for your implementation of Grit Leadership within your community.

  • *Starter Plan Included (1yr)
  • *Coach Training Seminar (2hr)
  • *Coaching Grit Workshop (1hr)
  • *3yr plan for implementing GL
  • *Limited licensing of GL materials
  • *Ongoing Support & Development
  • *Use Enhanced Features for free (1yr)
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Program Enhancements

$ 5/mo

Per Month

Enhance your program at any time by adding any or all of these features when you have a base package.

Customizable Questions ($5/mo)
Unlock the ability to personalize questions to your community.

Parent Surveys ($10/mo)
Engage parent feedback safely & appropriately. Partner with parents to harness the full potential of the community.

Student Check-ins ($10/mo)
If you wait it might be too late! Get data from students about your coach as often as you would like durign the season to keep your finger on the pulse of the team.

Strength & Conditioning ($5/mo)
Stop hoping your S & C program is maximizing student potential. Unlock the opportunity to know if your S&C program is maximizing potential within your community.

Athletic Director ($5/mo)
We ask our coaches to be evaluated each year. We should model that behavior and allow coaches to give us feedback! Parents can also contribute to this 360 evaluation (optional).

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Grit Leadership gives you…

Evaluation Tools for 1-on-1 meetings, student check-ins, feedback and program building

Knowledge Center with resources on how to develop a growth mindset in ourselves and others.

Community of athletic directors and coaches focused on building a grittier and more resilient generation.

Custom & PD Training for your staff, your team, and your athletic community.

Grit Leadership has been a vital source for me as a new athletic director. The evaluation creates a partnership between coaches and ADs to have non-threatening, data-driven, improvement-based conversations. Kevin is always accessible and has been a great friend and partner as I grow and improve as a leader.

David KoolAthletic Director, South Christian High School (MI)

Like our athletes, I need constant “nudges” to keep from getting complacent and Grit Leadership provides that. It has been a huge blessing to not only me but our athletic program as well. Kevin is always available to help, and there is absolutely no question that he wants our students and our program to flourish.

David SchenkAthletic Director, Heritage Christian Academy (KS)

"Kevin is the real deal and I always come away with valuable content that inspires me to lead well."

Mike WalkerAthletic Director, Second Baptist School (Houston, TX)

Grit Leadership is a win-win-win. I’m better equipped as a coach. My athletes are performing better on the field. And, most importantly, my athletes are better prepared for life beyond sport.

Aric DershemVarsity Soccer, Grand Rapids Christian HS

With Grit Leadership, I am able to walk coaches through a comprehensive, data-driven evaluation system, informed by the athletes, that helps coaches truly improve. I would recommend Grit Leadership to any AD who is serious about building their program.

Tim RitsemaAthletic Director. Jenison HS

Grit Leadership's content is rich, diverse, and easily accessible for our coaches who are so often focused on the day-to-day details of their program. Grit Leadership Evaluations have been a game-changer for our athletic department's ability to evaluate coaches effectively.

Nate KokAthletic Director, United Christian Academy

"I believe that Grit Leadership is the type of data-driven ideas that we need more of in athletic department leadership."

Chris HobbsCo-Founder, Council for Athletic Standards of Excellence (CASE)

Observing Kevin and Grit Leadership impact athletic programs has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in my role at Baylor University. Kevin is equipped and prepared to lead athletic departments to raise their standard of excellence. If you care about improving your athletic program and helping students, you need to contact Grit Leadership, today.

Matt ThomasExecutive Director, Center for School Leadership Baylor University