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Becoming a better athletic director starts right here.

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Whether you are a first-time Athletic Director, a 20 year veteran, a brand new coach, or a state championship winning program, Grit Leadership is for you. Use Grit Leadership to get honest and in depth feedback from the athletes, hold effective and encouraging one-on-one coach development meetings, work together to build team culture, and educate your parents and community — all in one place.

We give you Tools, Training, a Knowledge Center and a Community so that you can empower those around you to become a grittier and more resilient community, team, and individual..

Fully Customizable Evalutations

Don’t worry, this is a plug and play system! There is a pre-loaded survey evaluation, but that set of questions might not completely fit your school’s needs. Take Grit Leadership’s researched based surveys and customize them to fit your community’s needs and goals,  or we can add your existing evaluation questions to this system. Put Grit Leadership to work to fully customize, edit, delete, or add questions that you need to know about in order to accelerate the growth of your staff and your athletic program.


Mobile/Student friendly

Grit Leadership’s mobile friendly workflow makes it easy for students to submit feedback from their smartphones anywhere it is convenient, even after practice while at the field or in the gym.

Student Feedback

The AD’s perception is not always reality. As attentive as we are, we do not always know the whole story. Instead of the AD giving their opinion and the coach giving theirs, let’s hear from the inside source, the athletes! Use the survey evaluation tool to get data on how the season is going as often as you want or just at the end of the season, whatever suits your needs.

Leadership and Character Development Materials

The Learning Center is packed full of websites, articles, videos, and blog posts designed to develop your coaches’ and your athletes ever expanding opportunity to become the best version of themselves.

Research Backed Evaluations

Because good data is hard to find, each year we review and adjust our information gathering techniques to align them with best practices for valid and reliable research data collection. Each school is given a set of research backed questions, developed in conjunction with PhD level survey creators. However, each survey should be custom edited to fit the individual school community and the athletic department’s needs.

Want to Learn More?

We’d love to learn more about your athletics program and discuss how Grit Leadership might be a good fit for your athletic department. Don’t hesitate to reach out for additional information or to secure a risk-free trial for your school.