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The Car Ride Home – Part 1

"...parental actions and conversations after games made them (kids) feel as though their value and worth in their parents’ eyes was tied to their athletic performance, and the wins and losses of their team." - John O'Sullivan, Changing the Game Project Learn about what we mean to do, what we accidentally are doing, what we need to start doing, and the exception to…

Move Your Students Beyond “The Win”

Originally posted by Baylor Center for School Leadership - October 12, 2022 What is the goal of a coach? Is it to win? When the team you’re cheering for loses, how often have you heard those around you grumble, “The coach doesn’t know what he (or she) is doing”? (Perhaps you’d even admit to having those thoughts yourself.)  But should…
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Baylor University Presents: “What is a Coach?”

Coaches. Athletic Directors. Leaders:Join Paul Putz, Elizabeth Bounds, Valorie Kondos Field, and myself on October 28 as we discuss this critical role as coach and leader for a generation of people that needs us now more than ever! Schools once used athletics as a way to promote physical health, teach skills, build character, and create community. But as youth athletics have transformed and emerged…
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Four Insights to Develop Grit Leadership

Owner and Operator of Grit Leadership for Educational Athletics, Kevin Broene was recently interviewed by The Leading Edge about Grit Leadership and how to become a better leader. Check it out! Find the article and podcast here (podcast at bottom of the page).
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Leadership Lessons from Ted Lasso Presented by Snap! Mobile and The Leading Edge

Calling all program leaders! If you’re looking to level up your aptitude to lead, you’re in luck. Leading Edge and Snap! Mobile are partnering up on 9/21 to offer a “Leadership Lessons From  Lasso” webinar hosted by owner and operator of Grit Leadership for Educational Athletics, Kevin Broene. Explore leadership lessons from the fan-favorite, seven-time Emmy Award-winning series Ted Lasso…
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Be Gritty. Push the Rock.

Our world is seemingly obsessed with highlighting accomplishments. However, I think gritty people worry less about accomplishments because they feel most alive when they are working on something big, something challenging, something that pushes them to the edge of their abilities and slightly outside their comfort zone. "I don't want to rest. I don't want to coast...I don't want…

The Coach Evaluation Software Program is Growing Fast!

With 12 schools currently on Free Trial programs, 22 schools recently committed, and 14 others previously committed, we are engaged with 48 schools, in 10 different states, and growing! Start saving yourself headaches and get better data in a fraction of the time to build better coach leadership by joining Grit Leadership Evaluations. Your coaches are in charge of making…
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Coach K Embracing the Process

It takes guts to embrace the process. All the best coaches and leaders understand the power of the process. Check out this article about how Coach K got his chance from a wise leader who embraced and valued the process over the results intitially, knowing the process would produce better results in the end. That is Grit Leadership in a…
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Lessons Learned from Juwan Howard

As a Michigan fan and Juwan Howard fan, the incident in Madison was crushing on many levels. I have a lot of opinions about humility, self-control, and how we represent others with our personal actions whether we like that reality or not. Ted Lasso says, "Be a goldfish." But do we really want to just forget what happened here? Or…

Two Pilots

Which Pilot do you want to fly with? It's obvious, right? I might not be alone when I say that often when it gets tough, my natural inclination is to hunker down, and do what is most natural for me to survive, for me to make it through (pilot one). We know that our natural inclination is not always right,…
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Institute for Excellence in Athletic Leadership

**This event happened on 2/18/22. If you missed it, please email Kevin at for information about the recording and note packets. It is obvious that students are struggling, and that they need our help. But students do not need us to fix their problems for them. They need us to guide them, and teach them differently than how they…