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Recently I spoke at a Christian school (MI) about how to handle two of the hard parts of athletic culture better than what is considered the norm we see in sports. This part is about if it is more important to be right or to be effective.

When things go wrong in our child’s sporting event, what do they need? Do they need us to be right? or do they need us to be effective?

Do they need us to tell everyone how the other kid messed up or how the coach is a bonehead, so we feel better about the situation, or do they need us to be fans, encouragers, focusing them on the next opportunity (next play mentality)?

Do they need us to be critics? Aren’t they all really their own hardest critics anyway?

Check out the video below to hear about handling hard better and how we can re-think the importance of being right or being effective.

*There are two video within this video. The first is Kara Lawson from Duke Basketball, and the second is credited to Brett Ledbetter from What Drives Winning.

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