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I think Joy is different from Happiness.

Happiness seems to be something that is a reflection of a moment. Levels of happiness change constantly all day based on what happens every moment of the day. Email comes in, I’m frustrated and not happy. A client signs on for another year, I’m happy. Some one talks behind my back, I’m sad. Up and down we go all day long.

Joy seems to be a state of heart and mind that will generally describe how you approach life on a whole day in and day out, only slightly bumped by the moments throughout the day. Bad things are speed bumps, rather than craters on the road to positive influence on others. Joy is more of a steadying influence on us and others, than living on the “happiness roller coaster.”

If you want to be on the road to a more joyful life, try these three strategies on for size…

  1. Practice GRATITUDE: Gratitude involves being mindful of all the good, all of the many things you take for granted that you have been blessed with, and reminding yourself how thankful you are for these things.
  2. Find ways to SERVE OTHERS: When we live to serve and benefit others, we gain happiness and joy. We were created to focus outwardly, to serve, build and care for others…why else would be here on earth. Make a positive difference for others by helping them be better, encouraging, guiding, caring, and more. Focus more often than you currently do on what others need instead of what you think you need. Making a difference in the live of others is where Joy is waiting for you.
  3. Focus on the GOOD: This is a combination of the first two…while life has ups and downs, we often focus on the downs and how bad things are for us. Whoa is me. Focus outward, and focus on all the good breaks and the good things happening. Acknowledge the struggles you have. All struggle and failure is information, provided for you to grow, so use it! But, remember to move on from it and focus on the positives and the path forward. Remember to acknowledge and be thankful for the great things too instead of expecting that those things “should” happen.

They all work together. A combination of these is sure to give you a more steady attitude and affect of Joy. Joy is good for you and good for everyone else. If you are tired of the roller coaster, focus on Gratitude, Service, and Good.

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