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Our world is seemingly obsessed with highlighting accomplishments. However, I think gritty people worry less about accomplishments because they feel most alive when they are working on something big, something challenging, something that pushes them to the edge of their abilities and slightly outside their comfort zone.

“I don’t want to rest. I don’t want to coast…I don’t want to reach a point in my life where I don’t want to push anymore.”

“That relentless cycle of day to day challenges, they aren’t maddening to me. They don’t frustrate me. They inspire me.”

My hope is to help people be inspired by challenges, not defeated by them. I want them to see the challenges as “The Way,” not as things to detour around or avoid.

The Detroit Lions Head Coach, Dan Campbell recently said, “Grit means we will go a little longer, work a little harder, think a little deeper, and a little sharper. It makes us unbreakable.”

I think “pushing the rock” is attacking challenges and difficulties. I think that Grit is teaching ourselves to go a little longer, a little harder, and thinking a little smarter and a little sharper.

I want to encourage you to practice being gritty by choosing to push the rock as often as possible. The more you teach yourself to push the rock, the more unbreakable you will be.

*Title photo from Woodward Sports Twitter feed.

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