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Colonel Sanders had his plan for a killer fried chicken recipe turned down 1009 times, until at age 62 while living off $105 social security check he decided to finally change his plan to include his recipe as part of a chicken based restaurant chain…the rest is history.

When something goes wrong or when something messes up my best laid plans, I mostly just want to get angry or feel bad for myself and complain. It is natural to do so, and not wrong to feel that way. But it is entirely different to think that each time I say “good,” after feeling mad or bad, I train myself to have more resolve and grit. I train myself to get up. To keep moving forward and fighting.

To be growth oriented people, to engage growth mindset, we have to train ourselves to be flexible and to see problems, challenges, road blocks as opportunities. Checkout this short video.

Having plans is good. But, if my plan doesn’t work and that stops me, then I might as well not have had a plan in the first place.

Where can you look back at your life and see how a roadblock that changed your plan made a huge positive difference in your life?

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