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The article picks out four specific types of athletes. Parents often talk to athletes based on the type of athlete that they were as a child. What if we could speak to them in the way that is best for them, instead of best for us?

For each athlete it gives you tips on who they are, what they will respond well to, and what to avoid.
Goal Oriented – Overly focused on results
Team Oriented – Thrives on being part of the team
Routine Oriented – Thrives on routines and deadlines
Opinionated Rule Follower – Thrives on planning

Think about your kids. Figure out what kind of athlete your child is, and then follow the advice of what to say and what to avoid. Start becoming more intentional about how to help your child based on who they are instead of what comes natural to you.

Read the article from GMTM by clicking here.

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