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What is easy doesn’t often last. If it is hard, that means it is worth pursuing. As they say, “Easy come, easy go.” Instagram portrays “the good life” as sandy beaches, vacations, laying on a beach chair. That is vacation, not life. What if “the good life,” one that makes a difference, is actually hard. What if instagram is wrong, and the process of living “the good life” is actually hard?

Grit is the marathon. Grit is the day after day grind. Grit is Sisu, the Finnish word for “sustained courage over time.” Learn and teach the skill of running toward the challenge and embracing the difficulty. Wouldn’t we all rather be part of building a generation that seeks to attack the challenges head on instead of enabling a generation that settles for what is easy, what is comfortable, and only pursues the “low hanging fruit?”

We all want to live “the good life.” Currently we have a generation that thinks instagram is right about “the good life.” Leaders can change that narrative. Leaders can change a generation.

Which generation do you want to lead us forward? A generation who expects that in order for good things to happen, for progress to be made, that there must be challenges, that challenges are worth it…or one who expects that we must lead with the least amount of resistance because things that are easy are best and that challenges are to be avoided?

Let’s lead for “the good life,” for the marathon, the day after day grind, for Sisu…let’s grow a generation that embodies sustained courage over time. The process and “the good life” are supposed to include what is hard not to be void of it.

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