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When we don’t see immediate progress we often give up or say it’s not worth it. When we don’t see immediate results we worry people will think we are a failure or that we will never be good enough. It’s simply not true. These thoughts and worries are lies.

The chinese bamboo tree must be cared for, watered, and nurtured daily for five years. For five years nothing shows above the ground. But underneath the ground roots are growing. When the roots have grown strong enough, and if the bamboo tree has been consistently cared for over time, it will grow to 90 feet tall in a matter of 5 weeks.

Does the tree grow 90 feet tall in 5 weeks or in 5 years? The answer is obvious. 5 years. Immediacy is overrated when it comes to grit. The ability to persist and be your best self day in and day out regardless of an immediate outcome is what really makes us into remarkable, gritty, resilient teams and people. Don’t stop watering your dream. Don’t give up if immediate returns do not come. Keep fighting. Be gritty.

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