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“The easier the battle, the more rewarding it is”…wait, that isn’t a saying. I think the saying goes, “The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.” Having a dream guides us. What we experience on our way to achieving that dream is the most important part of the dream. If we attack that sometimes painful process and reach the dream the right way, that experience builds the grit and fortitude within us to reach more dreams, not just that one dream. Listen below to Les Brown talk about this process.

The battle IS valuable. HOW we fight the battle is more valuable. Who we become in the process of that battle is the MOST valuable.

We can learn to cheat, lie, and steal to get a dream. Or we engage and appreciate the sometimes painful process on the way to the dream. We can instead learn to fight, and to get back up. We can learn to reinvent and be creative. To be persistent and to stick with challenging situations. Most importantly, we prove to ourselves and others that no matter what happens along the way, we can never be counted out.

That, is more important than the dream. Learning that, will help reach more dreams…bigger dreams…that will help us build a gritty, and more resilient community around us that will impact the world.

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