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PART 2: What is Grit? Why do I need Grit? Do my kids or my team or my company have grit? What does it take to develop grit?

Grit is a marathon, not a sprint. Grit is a slow consistent build. In a world built on immediate gratification, that celebrates rapid success and fast money, grit is unsurprisingly absent. We see the shocking outcomes of lacking grit every day we wake up and look around. But, we can do something about this struggle, this lack of grit. We can, in our areas of influence, do things differently than what has become the norm.

Are you interested in choosing a path less traveled, for a possibly better life experience for yourself and those around you? (runtime = 7:49)

What is the hardest part about being a guide – being someone who shovels with them while they struggle, while they are overwhelmed, while they are sad?

How does the idea of “Parente” change your outlook on your role as parent/teacher/coach/leader?

See the entire presentation here.

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