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PART 1: Two ways to lead…the norm, the known, the easier more normal flow of society type of leadership or the rough, less traveled, more challenging alternative that we don’t know much about.

Both are good, both are done by well-meaning loving people. We have a choice. We get to decide what path we will choose each day. The fork you choose for your family, your organization, your team, or yourself definitely leads to different outcomes. The journey, your experiences, your potential is going to be very different for you and those you lead depending on the path you choose most often. Choose wisely. (runtime = 5:08)

It is hard for me to knowingly choose the harder, less traveled, more mysterious and less certain road. When it is with good intentions in mind, I am almost always glad I tried the harder, more challenging, less traveled journey even though it is rough. Which path do you usually take?

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